Jodi Velazquez was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Robert Morris University with a bachelor degree in marketing communications with an emphasis on writing skills. After graduating, Jodi left Pittsburgh to accompany her husband who accepted a job in Texas with the government. In Texas, she worked for the local paper as a graphic artist and briefly in the editorial department. After two years, her husband received a promotion and the couple moved to New York. There, Jodi worked as an account executive selling television commercial time for a cable company. After three years and the birth of their first child, her husband again accepted another promotion and they left for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was in Philadelphia that their daughter of 19 months was diagnosed with type-one diabetes. This brought a hardship transfer and they moved back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After their return to Pittsburgh and the birth of their second child, Jodi began writing the Slick Move Guide.

After writing and self-publishing the Slick Move Guide in 2007, she began marketing the book to various organizations and corporations. A major home builder purchased hundreds of copies but the real estate market was declining. She began searching for other industries with a need for the product. Trying to think of what families move often, she began marketing the book to sports teams for the players and their spouses/partners/families.

One of the teams placed a large order and she realized there was a need. Player development directors liked the idea of a consumer written guide for players who were entering or departing from their team. She established a relationship with several player development directors of major sports teams. They began offering suggestions, mishaps and dilemmas that players encountered, to add to her book. After two years of compiling this information, she released a customized version, Slick Move Guide Professional Athlete Edition in 2012. In March of 2014, Jodi released an updated version of the original which is loaded with even more helpful information, Slick Move Guide Latest Edition. Detailed content has been added primarily in the Determining a good prospect section to better assist readers with choosing a quality mover and protect them from moving fraud. A comparison of moving yourself and having a moving company relocate your household goods have been added as well as the benefits of moving in the winter months. The original SMG has been tested for competency and changes have been made in determined areas to help the reader understand the information more easily. A section has been added on transporting firearms and more helpful tips have been added about how to handle the emotional side of moving and staying in touch with family and friends. Some editorial revisions have also been made to the new version.

All three guides are easy to read, and offer eco-friendly packing advice and explain how to choose a quality mover. These spiral-bound, lightweight workbooks contain valuable,stress reducing timelines. Jodi has made moving your possessions inexpensive and stress-

In 2014 Jodi Velazquez was interviewed as an “Ultimate Expert” on the subject of relocation in Woman’s World Magazine’s April 24th Edition. Also in 2014 the Slick Move Guide Latest Edition received the 2014 – 2015 TAZ Award for Business & Reference (Pittsburgh, Pa Author Award)s.