Fun Facts About Moving

Most Common State-to-State Moves

New York-Florida- 59,288
California-Texas 58,992
California-Arizona- 49,635
Florida-Georgia 42,666
New Jersey- New York- 41,450
New York- New Jersey- 40,815
California- Nevada- 40,114
Georgia-Florida- 38,658
California- Washington- 38,421
Texas-California- 37,087

Average Cost of Shipping Household Goods:$ 12,459

43 Million Americans Move Each Year. Here’s why

ReasonPercentage of people who moved for that reason
Better/new home/apt14.5
Family reason11.5
Housing reason9.7
To establish own household9.5
New job/transfer8.7
To own home, not rent5.5
Change in marital status5.4
Closer to work5.05
Better neighborhood5.04
Look for work2.7
To attend or leave college2.6
Health reason1.6
Change of climate.5
Natural disaster.36