Even though the current economic climate has cut into the number of people moving, millions of people a year still pull up stakes and move somewhere – some 13% of the American population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

However, they’re usually not making huge moves.

According to 2007 data from the American Moving and Storage Association, most relocations are local: 65% of people who moved stayed in their county; 19% moved within the state; 13% moved to another state; while just 3% moved abroad. The most active age group for moving is 20-24 year olds, who make up 14.2% of the mobile population.

Data from, the nation’s largest provider of moving services, shows some of the areas that are most popular with people who are moving.

For 2008, the following states were the most popular — they had more people looking to enter the state than leave it:

1. North Carolina (Of the total number of moving quotes involving moves for North Carolina, 64.2% were quotes for people looking to move to North Carolina)

2. South Carolina (62.9%)

3. Texas (62.4%)

4. Oregon (59.6%)

5. Louisiana (58.3%)

The following states kept moving companies busy – leaving:

1. Michigan (Of the total number of moving quotes involving moves for Michigan, 71.1% were quotes for people looking to leave Michigan)

2. Minnesota (60.8%)

3. New Jersey (60.6%)

4. Ohio (60.2%)

5. New York (59.2%)**Source: Some useful sites:

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