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Author : Jodi J. Velazquez

Some Topics Covered in the “Slick Move Guide”:

  • Investigating a new area.
  • How to save money when moving.
  • How to choose a moving company.
  • What you need to get in writing!
  • Partial packing for security.
  • Preparing items for storage to avoid damage.
  • Transferring banks and valuables.
  • Preparing automobiles for safe travel.
  • Tips to help your family emotionally with relocation.
  • Ten page time-line to promote organization when moving.
  • How to make your move smooth and organized.
  • .Winter moving tips/Summer moving tips.
  • Transporting pets with ease.
  • Vital survival box list.
  • Items that are easily forgotten.
  • Post move importance.

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Spiral-bound:    80 pages

Publisher:           Slick Move, LLC; 1st Edition (February 28, 2008)

Language:           English

ISBN-10:             0615182003

ISBN-13:             978-0615182001

Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches

Great Advice For Moving In The Winter!

All seasons are covered in the “Slick Move Guide”! You find great advice for moving in the challenging winter season. In a stressful situation it can be relieving to have a list or a chart to look at and stay focused. The “Slick Move Guide” provides many lists and charts to keep you on track. The moving company that you choose should not care if you have 25 questions to ask them. You’ll find those questions in the “Slick Move Guide”!

Take What Your Need!

Find out what you actually have to purchase when you are moving in the “Slick Move Guide”. Many people buy a lot more than they have to and do not buy items that they will need.

  • Learn how to save money on packing supplies.
  • Learn what to pack first and what to pack last!

Get organized with the “Slick Move Guide’s” “Survival Box” list.  If you are moving to another state you may have time in between leaving your current home and actually getting into your new home. A “survival box” or suitcase can make that time for you comfortable if it is packed with the correct necessities!

If you are driving to your new destination you will appreciate the advice on how to get your car prepared and what to have in your car.

GO GREEN When You Move

With” The Slick Move Guide”, you can save money and preserve the environment when you move this summer by following the advice of the “Slick Move Guide”. This self help informational guide for moving offers many alternatives for that very expensive non-biodegradable bubble wrap that is used so often when moving. Obtaining used boxes is eco-friendly and this guide will tell you how and where to get the best used boxes and which kind to get for the specific items that you are packing. Plan your move and condense packing so that you use less fuel when renting a truck. Plus many more money saving and eco-friendly tips!

The “Slick Move Guide” is a self help informational guide for moving and has plenty of money saving tips that can save you big bucks when moving. The guide clearly defines how to save money on packing supplies and how to select quality movers at reasonable prices. Sure, you can move without reading a moving guide but just like Walt Disney World – it helps tremendously to read a guide before you go so you can save money and avoid mistakes.

The book provides a ten page detailed timeline to encourage staying on track prior to moving, and it also provides lists and charts to promote organization. The easy to carry 80 page 8½ by 11 inch guide features a unique plastic coil spiral binding which makes it easy to lay flat while following: the timeline, packing instructions, reviewing the list of questions for moving companies, the loading a truck section, etc. This is extremely helpful for the mover who is juggling work, a family, and the move.

Unlike many moving guides the “Slick Move Guide” offers tips on how to investigate an area before you move there.