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Jodi Velazquez Is Interviewed As An “Ultimate Expert” on the subject of relocation In Woman’s World Magazine

Magazine’s April 24, 2014 Edition.

“After much research, South Hills Movers has determined the Slick Move Guide to be the best and most helpful moving guide. We offer it to our clients because it offers excellent advice and tips on how to make your move efficient in every aspect from the time that you decide to move until you are in your new home.”
– South Hills Movers

Slick Move Guide – A Review Posted By Tim Johnson On September 17, 2009 @ 4:21 pm

“It’s my experience that people who are moving come in three distinct varieties: 1. We don’t need no stinkin plans : These folks just kinda wish their move happens but put off planning til the day before moving day. It never ends well. 2. Please don’t scam me : These folks are mostly concerned about finding a good moving company, but they don t put much effort into the rest of their move. They don’t get scammed, but they don’t enjoy an efficient move. 3. The Planners : They plan every aspect of their move to the finest detail. These meticulous folks might be annoying to the less organized among us, but they get the job done. I recently came across a book that would appeal to The Planners, as well as the Please don’t scam me group (the non-planners will never be bothered with reading a book on relocation. Jodi Velazquez book Slick Move Guide is a nice read because it doesn’t overwhelm you with tips and guidance, yet it gives you just enough information to help you succeed in every facet of your move. Finding Movers: A comprehensive backgrounder on the moving industry, and how to go about finding moving companies you can trust. Her 25 Questions for the Moving Companies is particularly good. I doubt many people will actually ask all 25, but even if you ask a majority of them, you’ll know a great deal about the company and it will help you make an informed decision. I also think it serves as a good checklist to use after you a choose a moving company, to ensure you’re aware of all the particulars of your move. Packing: A lot of good tips, with green-friendly advice specifically marked as such, with a Things to Buy List that’s particularly thorough and helpful. There’s a wealth of information on how to pack a variety of different items. There are also storage tips (which are useful because most moves involve storage#, checklists to track your progress, planning your move, a very helpful 10 things to do before moving day, and a list of items to take care of at your new home. What I like most about the book is that it includes real-life examples from the author’s move. That’s critical: it’s much easier to learn from someone else’s experience #both successes and failures), and in that, Velazquez’ book is a winner whether you’re moving, or know someone who’s moving.”
-Tim Johnson

It is a “How To” move book

The Slick Move Guide, Professional Athlete Edition is a great value. It is a “How To” move book. Jodi has a real winner here for any athlete. This is an easy read. The information will help anyone who is moving. She has great lists of things for you to do. It is all spelled out and very easy to follow. For anyone who has moved, the stress of a move is well known. Buy this book and cut your stress. Slick Move Guide is also a great gift for anyone who is going to move. They will thank you. Buy it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. The money that you will save on your move more than pays for this inexpensive book. Buy it now, don’t wait!”
Al Levine
The Talking Machine”

Producer and co host of
Pittsburgh Sportsline on BPTV

Book Review by February 09 Newsletter

New Book: Slick Move Guide
“The Slick Move Guide was written for those who are planning a move, whether it be to a retirement destination or for a career-related purpose. Author Jodi Velazquez has written this book based on her experience of moving five times in six years. It is written for those who want to plan every aspect of their move in detail. While it doesn’t overwhelm you with tips and guidance, it does give you just enough information to make your move a success. The book provides a lot of information about the moving industry and how to go about finding moving companies you can trust. She lists 25 questions to ask when you interview a moving company. There is also a wealth of information about how to pack a variety of items. Velazquez devotes a whole chapter to researching your destination, including getting to know the area, and the cost of healthcare, utilities, insurance, traffic, neighborhoods, education, taxes and transportation.”